Trades and Services: Explanation and Rules

A place to advertise a business offering discounts to Storm Fans
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Trades and Services: Explanation and Rules

Postby Buzz » Fri Aug 06, 2004 8:29 pm

I had the great pleasure of running into a gent at the Roosters game who runs a bike store - and I was in the market for a bike. Suffice to say that I now own a brand new bike - and at a fantastic price!

So - this area is to advertise Trades and Services either you can offer - or have offered to you - which will offer a discount to Storm fans.

Rules: Services and Trades that can be advertised here should be considered appropriate for the general public (that means it must be suitable for children to read!). The discount offered must be available to anybody that says "I'm a Storm fan" (in other words - not restricted to only people who post here).

The format the business should be advertised is as shown in the Willys Wheels example (which is also a true discount!)

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