hey missed this earlier

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hey missed this earlier

Postby Cherry_Poppins » Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:29 am

As many of you know i'm a rugby league fan (Manly),and it was brought to my attention recently looking my username up on a search engine could be hazardous at work or infront of children.....a rather hilarious and possibly offensive bunch of content...goes by my forum name, on another site someone was looking up where I'd called a player (White) a creampuff....lets just say he was at work and his boss....she was not happy to say the least, he reports she was mirrored, personally I wish my boss.....nevermind that's a thought for another day

I hope you realise you shouldn't do so if not in private...this isn't a joke merely a friendly warning.....a failure brought to you by DCE love

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